Mental attitude

Positive mental attitude

There are a number of interestig points that are highly relevant to getting good grade and kind of fit together on this page so here they are.

The examiner is your friend!

This is areally important point.  the examiner is your friend he / she wants to give you ticks.  it is far easier to give you ticks than it is to give you crosses. but to do this you need to help your friend.  Making it easy for your friend will in turn be benificial to you. You make it easy for your friend buy:

  • Writing really clearely. if you have scruffy hand writing like me then print and dont join up.  If your friend cant read the answer then it cannot be the right answer.
  • Use the words that are on the mark scheme then it is easier to tick.
  • Try to sound like you know what you are talking about at all times.  If the examiner is expecting the correct answer then very often he / she will read what is expected and not neccesareliy what it on the page.

Exams are GREAT!

How often in life do you go into anything with ZERO points?  Everything you do in the exam is about showing off your knowlege and hard work. everythign you do is about getting the extra points. Too many people ahve a warped sence of exams where they think the examiner is trying to show howw much you “Dont Know” this is clearely wrong. the exam is all about showing off how much you do know..

Don’t waste time stressing aboght things you cannot control!

Exams may not be the best method of assessment. however it is the method that you are stuck with. Concentrate your effort onto thig that you have controll over.  Theses are the things that will be beneficial to you!



More to follow