Water-skiing and Wakeboarding

I have been water-skiing for many years. I started when I was 10 out on Poole harbor back in the days when we were allowed to ski in the harbor. Since I was 16, I have been involved in the teaching and coaching side.


  • 5 years coaching and taking part with the University team of which I was president 2004-2005. In the student nationals that year our girls won first and second place in the boat category. I also placed second in the men’s boat competition.
  • Three years taking part in disabled water-skiing. I started this down south during my A-levels and have managed to get back into it up in Nottingham. Teaching disabled people how to water-ski is a huge buzz, very rewarding and a real eye opener. I have held the committee position of treasurer for a year on the Yorkshire and Central regional committee..
  • I have spent 3 months over the summer of my first year at university working for Mark Warner out in Turkey as a water-ski and wakeboarding instructor. I learned a lot from this job… (2000)
  • Every year whilst in Nottingham I have attended the National coaching seminar where the collective of water-ski instructors and coaches pass tips, ideas and maintain up to date concepts of best practice.

On the coaching scene, I am happy coaching from beginners right up to the first few of inverts, including Back rol’s, Tantrums, Toeside fronts, Scarecrows, Mexicans & Healside fronts.