Revision Time Table

Use the Table in this template to fill in your revision plan for each week before your final exams.


  • Block out the time that cannot be spent revising. e.g. during school days you may only get to do the two evening sessions.
  • Mark in your exams.
  • Load your revision timetable to correlate with your final exams. e.g. if you have a week between your final two exams then you have a whole week to revise one subject so you don’t need to do much revision before that week.
  • Try to do one subject for 2 x 45 minute sessions and then change subject.
  • Make sure that the day before an exam you are working on that exam subject.
  • Start with 5 sessions a day, and build up slowly to the 6 or 8.
  • Make the most of productive weekends.
  • Don’t over stretch yourself.  Never work for more than 45 minutes straight in any one time.
  • Try to do something non work related but mentally stimulating during the breaks.