I started canoeing at school and fell for both the white water and the enjoyment of passing on skills in a sport that I enjoy. During my degree at Nottingham University I needed money and found that I could both earn money and enjoy doing so at the same time as a canoeing instructor.


  • 2 years running the canoe club at school, coaching and organizing events for the club and the schools mini canoe polo league. (1998-2000)
  • 5 years working for the Arches Activity Base in Nottingham teaching flat water skills and fun sessions in both kayaks, and canoes. Other water based activities involve canoe rafting and improvised raft building using barrels and planks. I tought all manner of youths covering a broad range of our local society. Much work was geared at teaching vital life skills (teamwork, respect, racial tolerance.) through a medium of outdoor permits. (2001-2006)
  • 6 years with the university canoe club, coaching in the swimming pool and out on river trips to local rivers as well as the rivers in North Wales and Yorkshire. (2000-2006)
  • I also work for World Challenge as a canoe “teckie” and team leader. The work mainly involves improvised raft building and kayaking.(2005-current)

Much of my canoeing time is currently spent playing canoe polo with ULU, Clapham and Castle canoe clubs. Canoe polo is like 5 a side rugby in boats with hitting sticks… It’s a great game both to watch and play.