Water Sport

Freelance Water Sports Instructor

I have been a freelance water sports instructor / activities leader for many years, working with a huge range of employers in a huge range of activities both in England and aboard.. As a member of Sports Coach UK, and supporter of the various governing bodies, I aim to provide a professional service that delivers a fun and educational environment.

Currently based in London but happy to travel

I have many qualifications as well as a lot of experience teaching and participating in different water sports. I teach through a torrent of enthusiasm with a large amount of volume, aiming to provide a excitable and fun experience while allowing fast learning of the important skills.

Types of Work

  • Team Working¬†Exercises
  • Safety Boat Driving
  • Water-skiing and Wakeboarding
  • Kayaking, Canoeing and Canoe Polo
  • White Water

Stock and Sales

I often use my contacts to get canoeing gear for friends and fellow paddlers.  Occasionally orders go wrong and I end up with limited stock for sale.