I currently work as a senior lecturer at the new Energy Safety Research Institute, ESRI at Swansea University.

Although my work at Swansea is not covered by Charlie D Ltd.  I am involved in much entrepreneurship here.

My main project concerns producing and optimizing nano particles that can be used for solar energy harvesting.

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Self-Cleaning Coatings for Health Care Environments

I make photocatalysts that have the ability to cold combust carbonatiouos dirt.  This is very similar to how a Self Cleaning Window works however i get mine to worn using visible light rather than needing UV light.

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Self-Cleaning Keyboards and I-Phone Covers

I am involved with UCLBusiness in making self cleaning keyboards and I-phone covers for clinical trials and spin out enterprises.


Higher Education Outreach London (HELO)

I was involved with the HELO project  in  a number of consultancy projects with a chemical or energy twist. I am one of the few people who have interacted with HELO from both sides. H2-NRG was a small business helped with a problem, and I worked as a consultant for HELO as a professional chemist.. One project involved energy drinks and later turned into InnerZap.


For more details of my work please visit my Professional Blog