£45 per hour for A-level

£35 per hour for GCSE

Depending on travel arrangements.  I can use a local cafe that is quiet and suitable for tutoring sessions in Swansea.  I also offer a small discount for tutoring via Skype as I don’t incur travel costs.

Small Groups

I charge an extra 1/2 rate for extra students in small groups. i.e. 2 students is time and half, 3 students is double time.  This is because the resources necessary for group work are increased as I have to deliver to a broader audience and work a lot harder.


Late cancellation fees of half the session cost are applicable should cancellation occur without suitable notice.  This is especially relevant if I travel to a session that has been forgotten about.


I can take payments either as Bank transfers, Cash, Cheque or PingIt from your mobile.