Charlie D Ltd is the entrepreneurial hub for Charlie Dunnill.

Charlie Dunnill

I am a senior lecturer at Swansea University, and part of the Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI).

I studied for my PhD at The University of Glasgow which was heavily involved with “nanotechnology” research. Prior to that I was at the University of Nottingham for my  Masters Degree in Chemistry.

My main research project concerns Sustainable Hydrogen innovation and technology.   More info can be found on the  Research Group Blog.  

I like to be Entrepreneurial and enjoy a busy life with lots of different aspects, some of which are on these pages.  In my spare time I am a water sports junkie. I am qualified to coach canoeing, water-skiing and wakebording instructor and have a keen interest in any other sport that allow me to get wet. I spend much of my time playing canoe polo which if you haven’t heard of is a bit like 5 a side rugby in boats with hitting sticks.

  • Charlie D Ltd. came about in an attempt to put an umbrella over a number of my business ventures and entrepreneurial interests.
  • Aim: To provide a platform from which I can launch entrepreneurial projects.
  • Charlie D Ltd. has been trading since the 9th September 2005. Registered in England and Wales -5559065